Oct 312010

The Weathervane is our parish newsletter. It’s an important part of keeping our church community bound together. We need a volunteer editor.

The ideal volunteer would have many (but not necessarily all) these skills:

  • Comfortable and familiar with proofreading and editing text submitted by church members.
  • Able to work with our Rector and the layout staff to develop an editorial priority list.
  • Knowledge of word processing (with MS Word) and basic computing and internet skills.
  • Work cooperatively to solicit, gather, and compile information, stories, and news for the Weathervane.

The Weathervane Editor makes a valuable contribution to our church community. If this position interests you and you would like further information, please contact Sharon Clark at 978 388 3372 or by email at OwlDream.  Her email account is on comcast dot net.

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Oct 312010

St. Paul’s welcomes these community groups and fellowships.

  • Alcoholics Anonymous.  Tuesdays at 7pm in the parish hall.
  • Al-Anon. Wednesdays at 7:3o pm, downstairs classroom.
  • Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous. Wednesdays at 7pm in the library, and Saturdays at 10am in the Harborside Room.
  • Sangha Meditation Group, Wednesdays at 8am in the library.
  • Strings in Motion, Fridays at 6:15 pm in the library (Sept-May)
  • Narcotics Anonymous, Saturday at 7pm in the parish hall.
  • Boy Scouts, Thursdays at 6:30pm, twice per month, in the parish hall.

If you need a place for your community or fellowship group to meet, please inquire at the St. Paul’s church office at (978) 465-5351 or by e-mail at  stpauls@stpauls-nbpt.org

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Oct 242010

Sign saying "Among Friends" with hands over the water holding a loaf and fishAre you hungry? Come and eat!  Supper at 5:30 each Monday, and lunch at 11:30 each Tuesday and Friday. Contributions and volunteers are appreciated but not required.

St. Paul’s is particularly proud of our parish community mission called Among Friends. Now celebrating its 24th year in service to those who hunger for food and fellowship.

The community of St. Paul’s is joined in its support of this mission by volunteers from the greater Newburyport area. In 2005, Among Friends served a total of 6820 meals!

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Oct 242010

The Weathervane for September-October 2010 is here.

It”s published in PDF format, so you will need the Adobe Reader.  Help save a tree or two; if you are willing to receive the Weathervane by email instead of postal mail. send a note to Deb in our parish office at stpauls@stpauls-nbpt.org.

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Oct 242010

The Weathervane is our parish newsletter.  It’s published in PDF format, so you will need the Adobe Reader.  Help save a tree or two; if you are willing to receive the Weathervane by email instead of postal mail. send a note to Deb in our parish office at stpauls@stpauls-nbpt.org.

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Oct 172010

On Saturday October 16th, 2010, Loren Lee was confirmed as a member of the Episcopal Church by Bishop Tom Shaw. The day after his confirmation, he offered these words to our congregation here in  Newburyport.

First and foremost, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude for St. Paul’s continued support and encouragement throughout my Confirmation process.  I would like to take this time to talk about how I came to the community of St. Paul’s and the Episcopal Church and how I chose this community as my family of faith.

I was born and raised in the Baptist Church.  From an early age, I remember attending Sunday school each week and learning about the many fascinating stories in the Bible.  I asked many questions in class much to my Sunday school teacher’s dismay like “how did Noah fit all those animals on a boat?” or “how did Jonah survive living in a fishes stomach?” I received the same response from my teacher that this was the Word of the Lord and had to have faith that this was so.  I appreciate the more poetic and liturgical understanding of scripture that the Episcopal Church embraces.

I began my Christian journey with a full immersion baptism.  I was ecstatic when I was invited by my pastor to be baptized.  I felt that much closer to my faith and church community.  I remember spending several days drafting my Baptism speech and finally delivering it in the chilly Baptismal font.

As I grew older, I continued to be actively involved in the church through my love and passion for music.  I routinely played the violin and piano during services, sang in the choir and performed in church musicals.  Being a classical musician, I had a great affinity for composers such as Bach, Mozart and Schubert.  I remember requesting to play Ave Maria for one of our upcoming church services and it being quickly dismissed as being “too Catholic”- much to my disappointment.  I thought to myself, music was my own way of showing my love and faith to God and he wouldn’t know the difference.

Several years passed and I began to experience the challenges of a broken family.  Much to my parent’s efforts through pastoral and church counseling, they were unable to keep their marriage together.  I quickly learned how one can question their faith and church community.  I began to feel a sense of distance and austerity from my fellow church members.  I asked myself “would God encourage his people to turn their backs on one another?”  Shortly after my parents’ separation and eventual divorce, I left the Baptist Church with regret and disappointment.

The next several years into adulthood were about exploring spirituality and faith.  I was convinced after my family’s ordeal that religion and spirituality were a personal matter.  I began attending various denominational services.  I was seeking a calling for a family of faith that would be a far departure from my past experience.  Through this journey I observed many similarities among religions.  Followers were seeking a higher power and relied on faith as a motivating factor.

About three years ago, I moved to the Newburyport area and began to make a life here.  I opened my own private violin studio from my home and started teaching students of all ages.  Of those students, I had the privilege of taking on a young, motivated student, Sam Acquaviva.  In attendance at every lesson were his parent’s Paul and Susan Acquaviva.  After one of our lessons, we discussed the topic of churches and I mentioned about my efforts to find a community of faith.  They had asked me if I had heard of St. Paul’s and encouraged me to attend.  Taking their advice, I attended my first service at St. Paul’s this time last year.   I remember being a bit leery, but after being warmly welcomed by the parishioners and Martha I knew that I had found my family of faith.

This year, I was faced with a series of health issues and I was touched by the amount of care and concern I received from St. Paul’s.  I look back fondly at the time I was admitted to the hospital and Martha came to visit unexpectedly.  This moment confirmed not only the church’s love and support for its family, but also my decision to become a member of St. Paul’s and the Episcopal Church.

Looking to the future at St. Paul’s, I am excited about the many opportunities I will have to continue to serve God and the church through music ministry and stewardship.  I am blessed to have “confirmed my faith” in the Episcopal Church and in all of you.

God bless! –Loren Lee

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