St. Paul’s Church History

Founded in 1711, this is the oldest continuing Episcopal Parish in Massachusetts.

Read about the rectors who led our church for the first 200 years– some well loved, and some not!

Take a look at the buildings that have been used by our parish since 1711, when we first gathered at the “Plains” on a site located where now there is the Belleville cemetery across from the K-Mart and Shaw’s supermarket on Storey Ave.

Our first building was called Queen Anne’s Chapel, not to be confused with our current St. Anna’s Chapel which is right along side our current church building. St. Anna’s Chapel was built in 1863 and named in memory of our rector Reverend Horton’s only daughter, Anna, who died in August of 1854.

Patsy Brown

St. Paul's Historian Patsy Brown

Thanks to the wonderful research and diligent compilation of our church’s historical pictures and data by our own unofficial historian, Patsy Brown.

(Click here to see photos from the 2008 historical tours.)

More Historical Notes

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  2 Responses to “History”

  1. Ms. Brown:
    I am a member of the Pembroke, Maine Historical Society and a contributor to their historical publication. I am researching the Clark family of the Fifth Parish, Sandy Bay, Gloucester, Ma. (now Rockport). Judith Clark was married at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Newburyport, Ma. on 12 Sept. 1784 to James Dee. I am inquiring about the following information/records at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church:
    1. The marriage of Judith’s sister Deborah Clark to James Carter. Deborah and James moved to the Eastport/Pembroke Maine area after their marriage of about 1788-1799. Their marriage records cannot be found in the Rockport/Gloucester vital records. Could they have been married at St. Paul’s?;
    2. Additional information on Judith (Clark) Dee

    Any information on the availability of records for the above would be greatly appreciated. Any information provided will be made available to the members of the Pembroke, Maine Historical Society. I live locally and can visit St. Paul’s if required.

    Thank you.

    George L. Carter

    • Mr. Carter, thanks for your inquiry. I have passed it on to Patsy Brown and others who know their way around the parish records. Grace and peace, Oliver Jones+

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