The music program at St. Paul’s enables parishioners to express their faith through music. What happens when we worship? The natural human longing to sing is heightened, and the drive to sing seeks to find expression in the praise and prayer we address to God. Prayer is at heart a groan and therefore musical. Praise at its source is laughter and so is musical, too. To be human is not only to sing, to worship is to sing the Lord’s song. Come join us, in body or in spirit, to “sing to the Lord a new song.”

The Organs at St. Paul’s

We have two pipe organs at St. Paul’s — a small tracker organ in St. Anna’s Chapel, and a three manual Austin in the main church.

Recently the Austin organ was completely rebuilt by two parishioners with guidance from the Bishop Organ Company.

Choir 2007

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  1. Greetings from George and Libby Bayley of Greenville, Delaware, We may return to the Newburyport area next June. We remember our great time making music
    with you last year.

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