Sep 192014

Let the one who has ears, hear! –Jesus

We offer assistive listening devices at St. Paul’s. These are little gadgets that look like old-timey transistor radios with earbuds. They’re powered by 9 volt batteries, and pick up a signal transmitted from our public address system.

We bought them here. This setup with a transmitter and four receivers costs $410.

If you need extra receivers, you can buy them individually for $50 here. We are doing fine with the four receivers in the original kit, but it’s helpful to know how easy it is to add receivers and replace lost or damaged ones.

We also bought some cheesy rechargeable 9v batteries (I forget where… Radio Shack??) to power the receivers.

Finally, we bought some extra standard earphones of various kinds. Some of our worshippers prefer over-the-ear stuff.  And a couple bring their own earphones. To plug standard earphones into these receivers, you need these adapters, which are 41 cents apiece. (Amazing! the only thing cheaper is a gumball.)

You should be able to get going, batteries and all, for about $425 or so.


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