May 302014

Getting ready to write blog posts

Here’s what do do to get ready.

Download the $3 BlogPress app. For $3 you get nice camera functions.
Add the St. Paul’s web site (“blog”):
 Tap the Settings gear at the lower right.
 Press Add another Blog
 Use these values:
  Blog Service Provider: WordPress
  Username: Martha Hubbard
  Password: (whatever)
Press Save. in the upper right corner

Writing a blog post

To write a post:
  • Find some WiFi if you can if you’re uploading photos
  • Open the BlogPress app.
  • Tap the Write icon on the lower left.
  • Give your item a title by typing it in the Item box.
  • You can ignore the Location item.
  • Then write the text of your item in the blank area below Location.
  • To include a photo, click the camera item in the upper right.
  • Then take, or choose, the photo you want included.
  • Tap the little blue i next to the title.
  • Tap the Categories item, and tap Martha’s Blog (orwhatever category you choose) so it’s checked.
  • Then tap “< Options” at the upper left,
  • then “Done” at the upper right,
  • then “Save”
  • Then hit Publish Now.
And that will be it.
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