Oct 242012

Help Wanted: a volunteer webmaster to help maintain the St. Paul’s Church web site (http://stpauls-nbpt.org/) and Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/stpauls.nbpt). This is a great opportunity to learn a lot about nurturing an online community, and a chance to serve the parish community and the cause of the Good News of Jesus Christ.

  • Skills you need: computer literacy
  • Skills you don’t need: programming expertise
  • Equipment you  need: a laptop or desktop computer with internet access (any make and model of computer will do)
  • Software you need to install on your computer: none

The St. Paul’s Church web site uses WordPress as a content management system. It’s a very popular system. There’s even a WordPress for Dummies book, with a copy available in the church office.  The present webmaster (Ollie Jones) will show you the ropes and be available for all the help you need.

The main duties of the volunteer webmaster are to keep the web site up to date, and to post news, information, photos, and audio files about the congregation.

The St. Paul’s web site is designed to be a community effort. A volunteer webmaster can recruit all kinds of other folks to contribute their work to the site.

A series of articles on how to contribute are on the web site. You can see them here. http://www.stpauls-nbpt.org/category/contributing

Please consider doing this important work. Speak to me or send me an email message if you’re interested in exploring whether this is for you.\\

The Rev. Ollie Jones  oj@stpauls-nbpt.org


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