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Thursday, March 5, 2020 at 7:00 pm
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St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
February 23, 2020 Services at 8:00 am and 10:15 am.Adult Forum at 9:15am, Church School at 10:00 am, Nursery Care 10:00 am


ASH WEDNESDAY – February 26

Services at 9:00 am and 7:30pm


A Message from our Search Committee



 Lise’ Reid, Chair, Rick Patty, Vice Chair, Tom Hussey, Recording Secretary, Allison Novello, Corresponding Secretary, Laine Ives, Chaplain, Bev Brennan, Parish Communications, Michele Rogers, Vestry Communications, Anne Tuthill, Travel Coordinator

Diocesan Consultant:  Mark Gallagher              

Diocesan Canon:  The Rt. Rev. Carol Gallagher

 January 19, 2020

              Today, 14 months after we were given our charge from the Vestry, we present to you our chosen candidate, the Reverend Dr. Jarred Mercer. This was a unanimous vote by the search committee and we are all very excited about the possibilities for the future of St. Paul’s with Jarred as our spiritual leader. Our decision was made after carefully reviewing all applicants, analyzing their responses, researching their information and backgrounds, making initial interviews by telephone, visiting the finalists in their home environment and then having them visit us.

              Jarred and his wife, Chelsea, are Americans who have been in the UK for ten years. He is ready to have his own parish, and after several years of prayerful consideration, they feel that it is time for them to be back in the States. They are both originally from Florida and are drawn to New England. Jarred, who would like to be addressed as Father Jarred, grew up as a Southern Baptist and his father was a Pastor. During his college and post graduate years he felt drawn to a more progressive theology and joined the Church of England. The Mercers have three young children (5,9,11) and Chelsea is a nurse.

              Jarred received his B.A. from The College at Southeastern, Wake Forest, NC, and his Masters in Theological Interpretation of Scripture from St. Andrews, Scotland. His divinity degree is from St. Steven’s House, Oxford and he was ordained in 2015. He earned his PhD in Theology at Oxford. He is currently an Associate Priest at St. Mary Magdalen Church, Oxford and a Chaplain at Merton College, one of the colleges of Oxford University.

              Jarred was brought on at Merton College to take full responsibility for pastoral duties and worship services at this historic place. Three of us went to visit him in Oxford, attended a service at both St Mary Magdalen and Merton College Chapel. In each service we were struck not only by his delivery of the Eucharist, and by his sermon, but by his deep spirituality. We met with several people from different facets of his life in Oxford and every one of them had very high praise for him. Our notes from these meetings include phrases such as: ferociously kind, intelligent, kind in a thoughtful way, relaxed natural born priest, effortlessly works collaboratively, delegates, hospitable, warm, good at details, great leadership skills.

              Jarred uses Jesus as a model of a successful leader. He says that he is present and available and that pastoral care is most important to him. His self described strengths are pastoral care, teaching, applying learning to everyday life, creativity. Involvement in the greater community is important. He meets people where they are.

              When asked if he would joyfully marry a same sex couple he nearly jumped out of his chair with excitement. He had been hoping we would ask that question and he looks forward to the day he is able to so: it is illegal in England. He was drawn to St Paul’s by our Profile; he loved our sense of belonging, our outreach, our missions, our children and youth programs, and all that we portray.

              In Oxford, when Father Jarred saw a need for housing the homeless, he proactively created a committee to provide that housing. He created a Social Justice Fair which brought together people and local charities to work for the betterment of the whole system by utilizing church buildings as hubs.

              We believe that Jarred will bring new life and excitement to our St. Paul’s community and enable us to grow, not only in numbers, but in spirit and energy.

Roebling Piano Trio, Saturday April 18 7:00 pm St. Paul's Church

Roebling Piano Trio – April 18, 2020 at 7:00 PM

Named after John Roebling, legendary designer and engineer of the Brooklyn Bridge, the Roebling Trio consists of three friends, all undergraduates at Juilliard. On Saturday, April 18, 2020 they give their debut concert in Newburyport on St. Paul’s newly purchased Steinway piano. The members include Korean pianist Chaeyoung  Park, Israeli violinist Tal First, and American cellist Eliana Razzino Yang, daughter of Newburyport Chamber Music Festival’s Artistic Direct, David Yang. 

“Beethoven’s idiosyncratic sixth piano trio in Eb Major allows the composer’s classic genius to shine through with its sudden bursts of oppositional emotions, abrupt dynamic changes, and poignant lyrical line. Brahms’ second piano trio is a joyous, youthful-sounding work, despite being written during the later years of his life. Innocent in a fashion rather atypical of the composer, it is energizing and delightful to perform.”

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