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St. Paul’s Church is a vibrant community, with all kinds of work and fellowship. Explore the church groups to get a glimpse into our religious groups. Learn more about the Edie Ellen Knitting Guild or the St. Paul’s Book Club. Or see how you can help with the church Book Fair and Fall Fair.

Edie Ellen Knitting Guild

Named for a fondly remembered parishioner of St. Paul’s, the Edie Ellen Knitters get together at 2pm on the second and fourth Mondays of each month. We knit prayer shawls, which the parish then gives to people with a special need to be wrapped in prayer.

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St. Paul’s Book Club

The St. Paul’s Book Club meets 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at 12:30 pm in the church library. Currently the group is reading Reza Aslan’s Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth. As the title indicates, this book seems more about the setting in which Jesus finds himself than the theological reality he represents within Christianity. It is an interesting read on that period of history and Jesus’ role within it. The group vets new books to read and then chooses which one it wants to read each time. The Book Club is largely a discussion group, and there is no need to read ahead as the group reads and discusses the book within the hour set aside for the gathering. Everyone is welcome!

Book Fair

The Book Fair usually falls in May each spring and is a chance for all of us to clean out our shelves in preparation for finding new books to read at the fair. Joyce Cejka, Vestry Shepherd for Local Outreach Ministry, is the chair of this event which raises funds for several of the ministries funded by St. Paul’s.

Fall Fair

November is the time when the parish gathers together for its annual Fall Fair and Silent Auction. The church is filled with good things on which to bid, the narthex hosts the bargain treasures, knitted goods and jewelry fill the library, clothing and toys are found in the basement, and food is served in the parish hall where all sorts of wonderful treasures, including Christmas decorations are available. This is the number one fundraiser of the parish each year, and it reaches out to the community and brings so many of the people together for fun, work, and fellowship..

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