Ministry Teams

ministry teams

Pat Maslen

Vestry Shepard

A central tenant of our faith resides in our healing ministries.  Lay Eucharistic Visitors assist the clergy by making timely visits to shut-ins, the hospitalized, and those in need of pastoral prayer and support.  On Sundays, the healing circle provides prayer and the laying on of hands in the side chapel of the Church following communion.  The ministers hope to reflect God’s compassion and unconditional love by offering a caring presence, respectful listening, and spiritual support.  We have several Ministry Teams who are part of this initiative. They include:

The Lay Eucharistic Visitor Team

consists of trained team members include Jean Garnet, Nancy Jukins, Bob Keller, Anne Tuthill, Stephanie Higgins, Clare Keller, and Annie Winslow. The Rev. Brad Ingalls serves as the clergy member of this team. They are the ones who take communion out into the world.

The Healing Circle

who greets those seeking special prayers after the Sunday service in the chapel includes Bob Keller, Jean Garnet, Stephanie Higgins, Clare Keller with clergy member The Rev. Brad Ingalls. These provide laying on of hands.


St. Paul’s cares about you

Bob Keller and Victoria Londergan are available as spiritual directors, and Victoria leads the first Thursday 7 PM Contemplative Prayer service.

Please notify the office by phone or email if you are in the hospital, have moved, or need a visit, communion, or time with the clergy. If you live alone and plan to be away, please notify the office so that we will know that you are safe.

I remind you to rekindle the gift of God that is in you through the laying on of hands.

(2 Timothy 1:6)

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