Technology Fund

We currently need to raise $18,500 to make our thriving online ministry sustainable and continue our online services in the future. For more information, watch the video above and see the description below. To support St. Paul’s video and online ministry you can give here, by cash or check to the church, through online giving, or by clicking the Donate button above and selecting “Technology Fund” from the “Funds Designated For” menu.

Our online video ministry has enabled us to continue to engage in corporate worship, stay connected, and grow as a community during the pandemic. About double the amount of people are watching and participating in our services now than there were before the pandemic, we have gained new members, we are broadcasting on three TV stations, and people who are homebound have expressed immense gratitude at once again being able to join in communal worship at St. Paul’s. As we move through and beyond the pandemic and into our “new normal,” we will continue to engage our community through multiple means as we seek to proclaim and live Christ’s love in our changing and complex world. 

However, there are currently cameras and equipment strung out across the aisles and pews of the church, making any form of regathering for in-person worship when the time comes while at the same time continuing to broadcast and stream our services online and for television impossible. As it stands, we would lose access to what has become a life-sustaining ministry for so many of us. This is why we must install permanent equipment in the church, which would allow us to keep our thriving online ministry and support our life and mission as a parish into our future.

We currently need to raise $18,500 to make this project a reality. If you are able to give to this ministry you may do so by cash or check to the church, through online banking, or online giving through this page. Join us in prayer as we move forward in new ways as a parish, we are excited about what God is doing among us.

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