Who We Are

The people of St. Paul's at 300 years

The People of St. Paul’s Church

We are an Episcopal community of faith serving Newburyport, Massachusetts and surrounding communities. We are a parish of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts.

Our Statement of Call defines the open and inclusive thrust of the ministry to which we believe God is calling us. Around this call we gather to be and to do the many things that weave a tapestry of faithful response to God’s activity in our lives. Christ guides us through prayer, study and reflection as we face the issues of our contemporary world. The Holy Spirit empowers us, surprises us and focuses our energies as we venture forward each day. We hope you visit us soon in person.

May God be a strength and blessing to your life each day.

More about who we are and our ministries

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  1. I am moving to the area in Feb and looking for a home church. I have been a member of St.Peter’s in Charlotte NC and love my church family. I am in search of a very warm and sense of community, I plan to visit 3 churchs to check things out and find out where God wants me to go. take care Bette Jacobs

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